Millions of people suffer from serious arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh and in many other countries. According to the WHO it is the largest mass poisoning catastrophe in history. Arsenic poisoning has until now been regarded incurable. Now a young scientist has opened a clinic. A cost effective treatment, will completely cure the poisoning after only three months of treatment. SSF will help him expand activities.

ABDUL KADER, M.Sc. Microbiology, MBA in Marketing, Ph.D. Molecular Microbiology.

Cure the worst human poisoning in history

Viola Vitalis has now manufactured the first batch of medicine that will cure victims of Arsenic poisoning. 

WHO calls the Arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh for the worst human poisoning catastrophe in history.

Millions of wells contain high levels of Arsenic and 60 – 70 million people in Bangladesh are at risk. Millions already suffer from terrible AIDS-like symptoms and many have died from the poisoning.

The medicine will now gradually be made available to the people in Bangladesh. We need your help to distribute and to manufacture more.