Household water purifier                           

Purpose: To provide clean and pure water for single households. 

Advantage: This household water purifier will remove all possible contaminants from any type of water. It is easy to run and requires no chemicals except for descaling if the source water is hard. It will require no consumables except heat which can be provided by solar panels.

Background: A technology called Membrane Distillation has been developed for industrial purification of water into Ultra Pure Water. The advantage of the technology is that it removes all possible contaminants from water without any need for chemicals or replacements of consumables. In household water treatment it will thus remove both arsenic, fluoride, nitrate and other chemicals and metals as well as pesticides, disinfectants and other organics as well as bacteria, virus, spores and other microbiological contaminants. And it will do so completely and without the need for expert maintenance.

Status: A prototype for a household appliance is being industrialised by a manufacturer in China during 2008.

Implementation: The appliance being industrialised is designed for a modern kitchen and runs on electricity. Using the same basic components the projects will design and industrialize a similar product with the following characteristics: It will run on solar power and have somewhat larger capacity – 50 – 100 liter per day by having a tank – a capacity meant for 10 – 20 people. The manufacturing cost of equipment will be approximately 100 €. The cost of water will be approximately 0.002 € per litre.

Sustainability: The life of the equipment is at least 10 years and the components can be recycled. There are no consumables.

Dissemination: The crucial components will be mass-manufactured at a central plant which caters to the world market and the appliance can be assembled by local manufacturers and artisans who are provided drawings and sourcing of all components. Financial evaluation will enable local entrepreneurs to raise funds for manufacture and marketing models and material will be made available at cost price.

Management: Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden