May 11, 2009

Until now, arsenic poisoning has been considered incurable. Now, Viola Vitalis, after several years of trials  has manufactured the first commercial batch of medicine that cures arsenic poisoning.  


April 29, 2008

Global fluoride and arsenic contamination of water mapped

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March 31, 2008

The Swedish Sustainability Society has decided to promote clinics for arsenic sufferers in Bangladesh. The clinics promise complete and relatively rapid cure for most patients whose illness has not progressed too far.

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September 3, 2007

Arsenic in drinking water a global threat to health
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July 28, 2006

Article in The Daily Star, Dhaka


December 2005,
According to a report in Arizona Daily Star the 12th of December, 25 percent of Arizona water suppliers still have too much arsenic in their water to pass the new US federal standards.

The level was revised downward in 2001 from 50 parts per billion after studies showed prolonged exposure to high arsenic levels can cause bladder cancer and other cancer forms. Compliance date for the new standards was set to January 1, 2006.

There are 260 water systems across the state with arsenic levels above the new federal standard of 10 parts per billion. Now there is less than one month to go, only a handful appears to be taking steps needed to bring their water within the standard.

Any company that doesn't meet the standard could be forced to shut down under the federal rules.

Now, if it is difficult for US water systems to comply, how much more difficult is it not for water systems in Bangladesh.


November 2005,
Swedish Sustainability Foundation decides to make arsenic mitigation a prime target for action


August 2005,
Towards a more effective operational response to the Arsenic problem, new article by Aapo Sääsk based on the new World Bank report


April 2005,
Towards a more effective operational response to the Arsenic problem, a comprehensive well studied and well written report by the World Bank on the Arsenic problem in Bangladesh.